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Digital Impressions with CAD-CAM

Digital impressions with CAD/CAM is in other words computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing. These techniques are becoming more popular in the dental area due to their newer technology that allows to create a virtual model impression of the hard and soft tissues of the mouth by using laser and optical scanning devices. Patients find this procedure more comfortable and convenient than using the traditional impression material because treatment is done faster.

There are two types of digital impression that captures the images as digital photographs in a series of images and the other one captures them as a video.

The laser or digital scanning: Digital scanning captures the images by using a precise and concentrated light to capture all the details of the teeth and gums without the necessity of holding the material in your mouth. This digital impression can be done the same day in one office visit reducing errors and inaccuracies for restoration and the data obtained can be saved electronically for an indefinite period, which saves space and contribute to a better recordkeeping.

The Digital optical scanning: Optical scanning is perfectly accurate, but in contrast with the laser one, this one requires the teeth to be spray coated with a powder before the procedure begin to ensure the recorded impression is correct. This impression has its own advantages as dentist providers can send via e-mail the virtual impression to the laboratory increasing efficiency, productivity and accuracy rather than sending the traditional impression the regular way.