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Fillings are used to treat cavities, repair a cracked or broken tooth back to its normal function and shape. The dentist, with local anesthesia will remove the decayed part of the tooth and fill it with a material that will replace the portion where the damaged part was and restore the shape of the tooth.

Before the procedure, the dentist will consider many different aspects to choose what type of filling material is best for you. This vary from whether you have any allergies, or what is the extent of the repair needed.

 Types of fillings

Composite filling:  Composite filing is made of a mixture of plastic and fine glass particles that matches the color of your teeth. This type of filling is most used for front teeth or visible parts of the mouth in which bonds to the tooth.

Amalgam filling: Amalgam or dental silver filling is a mixture of tin, copper, silver, and mercury material used to treat cavities in the back part of the mouth. Thus, this type of material does not match the color of your teeth, it is strong and last at least 10 years or more.

Gold or cast gold filling: Gold filling is the most durable material and last more than any other filling, although, it is more expensive than any other, certain people find it pleasant to use this kind of fillings because it cannot corrode.

Ceramic filling:  Ceramic filling is composed of porcelain material. Although this type of fillings is tooth colored and more delicate than composite resin; it is more resistant to stain. This type of filling cost as much or more than gold fillings themselves.

Glass Ionomer: Glass Ionomer is a blend of acrylic and Fluor aluminosilicate, a component of glass.  It is used more often in people with a lot of decay in the root of the tooth, for fillings in the front of the teeth and for enamel fillings as well. Its durability last around five years and unlike ceramic filling, these do not match the color of the teeth.

Having any sensitivity or certain discomfort after any filling procedure is common but resolves within few weeks. If the sensitivity does not stop, please contact your dentist as other possible problems can arise.