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Laser Dentistry

Laser procedures have been used for a long time to treat different dental problems related to soft and hard tissue. All lasers work by releasing a light and cutting through gums or teeth structure without damaging any other surrounding tissue of the mouth.

Unlike traditional dental drills, the procedure using soft tissue laser might not need any suture most of the time. Due to the high energy beam of the laser, bacterial infection and bleeding are minimized since the laser sterilizes and inhibit blood loss in the area being worked on. One of the advantages is that certain procedures do not require anesthesia and wounds heal faster.

In the other hand, there are certain disadvantages as well with this procedure. Laser cannot be used to fill cavities between teeth, around old fillings, and large cavities that need a crown. In addition, lasers cannot be used to remove defective crowns, silver fillings or prepare teeth for bridges.

Hard tissue laser: Hard tissue laser is used to cut hard structures of the mouth extremely precisely, such as teeth and bone. This laser is used for prepping or shaping for composite bonding, remove tooth decay, the removal of small tooth structures and repair some dental worn down filling.

Soft tissue laser: Soft tissue laser is used to cut and remove soft tissue in the mouth like the gums, this helps create a drain around the gum to improve visibility and dental access for aesthetic purposes. This laser is also used to remove extra gum tissue and distribute tight muscle parts in the mouth or to treat oral cold sores. This laser therapy can also help treat periodontal disease or best known as gum infection by removing the infected lining of the gum tissue and supporting regeneration of healthy gum tissue.