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Smile designing

A smile speaks louder than a thousand words; It is the ability of a person to show their emotions and confidence. Cosmetic Dentistry offers a lot of variety of dental procedures when the patients need restoration services from injuries, infection, tooth decaying, stains or just improving the look of their teeth.

Smile design treatment is a cosmetic treatment that concentrates on improving the appearance, confidence, restoration and health of your smile by using different customized clinical treatment plans and procedures that adjust to your own needs such as  dental veneers, composite bonding, teeth whitening and tooth implant.

A unique treatment plan is put in place based on a detailed analysis of the face, videos, photographs and temporary mockups done with an intraoral scanner that captures every angle of your mouth , enhancing certainty to the dental provider to create the perfect smile.

The provider will restore each individual tooth before moving on to the next to finally finish the process with a polishing treatment that will help your teeth look shiny and clean.