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Zirconium Crown


Zirconium crown also known as monolithic zirconia crown is the strongest dental crown made from zirconia dioxide, a powdered material that have been used for endodontic post and implants for a long time. It is an exceptionally durable and strong metal that offers a lot of advantages. Because of its strength, durability and biocompatibility, dentists prefer to use it in patients as it is less prone to cause an infection or any adverse allergic reaction. Zirconia crown is prepared sometimes the same day at the dental office from a single block of zirconia.

Due to its translucent white color and moldability, matching the color of the new crown to the correct shade of your teeth is easier as it simulates the translucency of your natural teeth. It also has not metal coating at the gums like the porcelain fused to metal crown, which gives you a better aesthetic effect in your appearance and a more confident smile.

Overall,  all dental crowns can be very pricey, but zirconia crown is typically more expensive than the other ones, it is recommended you discuss what is the best option for you in regards of the location and function of the tooth that needs the crown, the amount of gum that it will show when you smile or talk, how much of your natural tooth remains and the color of the rest of your teeth.